'Discaztec' can probably see what we've done there.

Performed by Larry, Mathew Baynton & Jim Howick. From 'Horrible Histories'. (Lion TV/BBC1)


The chicken does look good though...

Written by Larry & George. From 'The Armstrong & Miller Show' Series 2. (Hat Trick/BBC1)


Horrible Histories wins a British Comedy Award

Accepted for the Horrible Histories team by Larry. (British Comedy Awards/Channel 4)


Brady is a bear... though not a real bear.

Written by Larry & George. From 'The Armstrong & Miller Show' Series 3. (Hat Trick/BBC1)


Jon Culshaw as the ever optimistic Robert Peston

Written by Larry. From 'The Impressions Show with Culshaw & Stephenson'. (BBC1)


Strict but fair - the Bastard in Black.

Performed by Larry. From 'Balls of Steel'. (Objective/Channel 4)


A short film from the vaults about a record producer with a slightly annoying 'tick'.

Written and Performed by Larry and George.


The 'Twenty Twelve' team are organising the Olympics - how hard can Twitter be?

Written & animated by Larry. From BBC4's 'Twenty Twelve' online. (BBC online)


Reginald D Hunter explains the classics, so you don't have to read

Co-written by Larry for BBC Comedy online.


"But it's a design classic..."

Written by Larry & Jazzie Movement for BBC Comedy online. (Eleven Films)